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Sildigra Professional 100 mg is an excellent Erectile Dysfunction(ED) medication. Sildigra Professional 100 mg starts being effective within 30 minutes after it has been consumed. Young and old males should find Sildigra Professional helpful in assisting them attain and maintain hard erections that electrify their sexual association. Sildigra Professional is not different from Sildenafil Citrate, though it is cheaper and delivers results faster than the normal stuffy pills. It is no brainer that it is currently the best selling generic erectile treatment, because of its efficiency and quality. We are drop shippers for all kinds of ED medicines, generic medicines, branded medicines.

Sildenafil citrate Professional works just like brand medication to inhibit the enzyme known as PDE5. Sildenafil citrate will increase the amount of blood flowing to the penis, which is how men get their erection. The medicine will work in conjunction with the natural erection mechanisms, which is the secret behind this popular drug. The physiological apparatus of an erection lies with the discharge of nitrogen oxide. The released nitrogen oxide will interact with guanylate cyclase and adds to the synthesis of cyclic GMP. This will interact with the smooth muscles proteins in the cavernous body, allowing them to relax. This will allow more blood to get into the penis, causing the erection. Sildenafil citrate will work to keep the enzyme PDE5 from activating so that it doesn’t break down the cyclic GMP. By ensuring that PDE5 doesn’t interfere with cyclic GMP, a man’s erection can occur.

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