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Company Name: Vipro Lifescience Pvt. Ltd.
Shipping Time: 7-10 days EMS
Strength: 50mg / 100mg
Packaging: Blister of 10 Tablets
Price per Pill: price on request

Viprogra is belongs to the family of generic medication which consists of Sildenafil Citrate an active ingredient. Viprogra is a Phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) inhibitor which fights against the enzyme that is responsible for causing weak or loose erection. Viprogra stops this enzyme and gives out sturdy erection for long hours and maintains it until climax is achieved. The pill on consumption helps in relaxing the muscles of the male reproductive organ and opens the blocked arteries which make this condition of impotency happen. It allows easy blood flow to the male sex organ by allowing causing the narrowing blood vessels to dilate. Viprogra needs to be taken 30 minutes before the sexual act to attain strong erections. This pill is available in the recommended dosage of 50 mg and 100 mg respectively. The oral pill does not arouse sexual drive on its own. It works when a man is sexually excited.

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